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The Friends invite you to join the Chapter and welcome your donation also. Unfortunately, the radio buttons available through our software actually can't differentiate between the two.

If your payment is intended as a combination of a membership and a donation, please enter the entire amount as a donation next to the first set of radio buttons and fill in the appropriate information in the box provided below the second set of radio buttons.

We are sorry to force you into extra work but have provided spaces to make your intentions clear to us if not the computer program! Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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Stay informed of what's happening with PPFF and in the state parks and forests with one of the Foundation's epublications. Sign up here, and visit the News page of our website frequently.

If  you prefer, you may mail a check, made payable to PPFF, to the Friends at:

Friends of Michaux

Michaux State Forest

10099 Lincoln Way East

Fayetteville, PA 17222

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NOTE: Please only click the 'SUBMIT' button once. Your payment may take time to process.

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