BMW Dutch Country Riders APAR9

04/01/2014 - 10/31/2014


  • $20.00



The BMW Dutch Country Riders (BMWDCR), a motorcycle club located in the lower Susquehanna Valley area, will spend the Summer of 2014 visiting Pennsylvania's state parks! The club's 9th annual All Pennsylvania Ride (APAR9) is a salute to the leadership of Maurice K. Goddard who, as all Pennsylvania Parks & Forests Foundation members know, was a giant of Pennsylvania's conservation heritage.


Each year, from April through September, the Club developes a ride theme to encourage motorcycle riders to visit some of the commonwealth's many interesting sites and attractions. In past years, the ride themes have included visiting the smallest borough in each county, sites on the National Register of HIstoric Places, and the 95 places named in the song I've Been Everywhere (in Pennsylvania).


This year, the theme is the Maurice K. Goddard Memorial Ride. Riders will be asked to visit the state parks developed under the leadership of Doc Goddard during his tenure as the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Forests and Waters and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources.


For a $20 fee, each Rider will receive a copy of the Pennsylvania State Parks and State Forests Passport to document their visits and PPFF's "Wearable Checklist" (bandana) as a memento of their participation. Additionally, all entrants will be invited to attend BMWDCR's Annual Banquet at Hershey in November. There will be four levels of achievement for participants, ranging from visiting as few as 10 sites up to visiting all 120 sites. Hints, tips, and adventures will be shared among the Riders through the APAR9 mailing list.


The Ride is open to all motorcyclists regardless of home state, marque, or club affiliation. Applications will be available by email, regular mail, and at BMWDCR events beginning 2 March 2014. Applications received by 21 March 2014 will ensure Ride materials will be in-hand in time for the 1 April start date. Entries received after this date will receive their materials, but may not have them in time for the start of the Ride. The Ride will run through 30 September.


More information is available by email from

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