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Friends of Nolde Forest Present: Summer Solstice Forest Therapy Walk
06/20/2024 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET


  • $25.00

Forest therapy, also known as shinrin-yoku, is a healing practice that emphasizes spending time in nature to improve overall well-being. During the summer solstice, the longest and brightest day of the year, nature is in full bloom, providing an ideal backdrop for a mindful forest therapy experience.


The solstice offers an opportunity to connect with nature on a deeper level and embrace its transformative power. As light floods through the lush green canopies, one can engage all of their senses and cultivate gratitude for the abundance of life around them. By immersing oneself in this immersive experience, individuals can benefit from reduced stress levels, improved mood, increased creativity, and enhanced immune function.


Forest therapy during the summer solstice provides a beneficial respite from our fast-paced digital lives and allows us to reconnect with ourselves and the natural world in a profound way.


Led by Forest Therapy Guide Robert Sarnoski (Mind Body Simple, LLC)

Full Length Forest Therapy Session: This longer format Forest Therapy walk helps you embrace a mindful and intentional approach to immersing oneself in nature. We will walk further into the forest, finding quiet spots to sit and observe our surroundings. By taking time to connect with nature through guided invitations and shifting focus to each of your senses – be it the sound of birds chirping, the scent of earthy soil or the soft touch of moss beneath your fingertips, you can allow yourself to become attuned to the rhythm and energy of the forest and become an active participant rather than a passive observer. Please prepare yourself physically by wearing comfortable clothing suitable for the climate and sturdy footwear that can navigate uneven terrain.


The meet-up for this event will be at McConnel Hall (Mansion Parking lot) and will last approximately 3 hours. Please dress according to the weather and feel free to bring a walking stick, water bottle, a sense of curiosity or anything that will make your journey in the forest more enjoyable.


Guest Guide Info: https://www.mindbodysimple.com/


Registration for this event will open on May 20th.


Registration is required for all participants. Spaces are limited, so please be sure you sign up and pay to finalize your registration spot. We will not be able to take walk up participants.


This is a fundraiser for the Friends of Nolde Forest. 


**Due to the increasing popularity of our programming and the growing number of people on the waitlist for programs, we require a 24-hour cancellation notice for all programs. This will allow us time to reach out to other participants/families on the wait list and allow them to fill your spot. Individuals who repeatedly do not cancel before the program and who repeatedly do not show up to the program will be prohibited from signing up for future programs.**

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