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Our Mission: Inspire Stewardship of Pennsylvania's State Parks and Forests
A Little Green Path
Photo by Kristy Lee Mc
Before we go any further, apologies to the members of the Meaningful Watersheld Educational Experiences award-winning Halifax Middle School students for my putting them in Perry County instead of Dauphin! I knew better (and thanks to Chris for pointing it out so kindly). 

I'll tell you what, last Friday was not my best day ever. Let us please not keep track of the number of mistakes I made in the span of one six and a half hour work day, the most mind-numbing one being sending an email to our board, chapter leaders, and staff no fewer than THREE TIMES with either the wrong date or day of the week for our showing of the Mira Lloyd Dock film we did this past Wednesday evening. Yikes.

Over the weekend I was looking at ebooks available from my library for a quick read and a children's book called "The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes" actually cropped up near the top. Thank goodness I never tried juggling an egg, a pear, a salt shaker, and a hamster but certainly multi-tasking and Friday did not mix!

It does the heart good to see that little green path in today's masthead. That's the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. Give the masthead a click to go to the original photo. And smile just a little. 

Pam Metzger
Membership Coordinator
Pennsylvania Parks & Forests Foundation

News of Note

All you map fans - tune in at noon on either our Facebook page or YouTube channel for a broadcast stream with Mike Herman of Purple Lizard maps - he'll tell you how they go about creating the maps we all love to use. This is part of our Lunch & Learn series that we are hoping to continue on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout at least the end of May.
Tuesday's guest list is still under development, but next Friday we are planning a session with Penn State Extension about ticks and lyme disease. Given the interest in the "tick cards" informational piece we did last year, this should be a pretty popular session. (And if you didn't get a tick card but want one, I still have a quantity waiting for the asking. Let me know and I will pop one or several in the mail to you.)
Just look at this pile of masks! Over 900 masks were made and sent to 39 different state parks and forests by a whole BUNCH of really terrific people. Please give a click to the blog post to see their names and say a little thank you to each and every one of them for helping to keep those hard-working DCNR employees safe while they keep our favorite places open and functional. 

On the political front, the amendment freezing spending from some key conservation and community development funds that passed the House on the day before Earth Day is looking to make its way through the Senate. We sent a letter objecting to it (similar to the language sent to the House) which can be read on our 1TopStory news page.

Worse is a bill whose primary sponsor is Representative Jason Ortitay from Washington County expected to move next week from the Environmental Resources & Energy Committee. HB 2004 seeks to strip the Keystone Fund from control by the agencies who know best where that money is needed and turn it over to the General Assembly. Stay tuned and we'll keep you apprised of the action we'll need you to take.  

Pictures of the Week

I went roving through Facebook this week ... 
Of course, there is an awful lot of nonsense on the Book of Faces but there is an awful lot of good stuff, too. This star chickweed is but one of hundreds of entries in the Wildflowers of Western Pennsylvania page. Oh, yes. You can spend a bit of time there. Learning even!
Pennsylvania Outdoors is another page that I just happened upon while looking for a change of scenery. This shot from Frank Pawuk there (and the others that go with it) are amazing. Especially look at the video as he zooms into the otherwise invisible nesting woodcock. 
Colton Point State Park is the setting for this tranquil moment (cropped from a much more expansive view). Mined from the PA Wilds Facebook page. Photo by @dustyriehl (Instagram). Give it a click!
While I was mining the PA Wilds Book of Faces, I also came upon this little vignette. The small version does not do justice to the original photo by Anna Seader of her husband fly fishing at Poe Paddy State Park. Give it a click, too.

Take Five for Trivia

Swallows were the name of the game last week - looking for the "other kinds" besides the barn swallows I photographed. Yes, here in PA we get seven species: bank swallows, barn swallows, chimney swifts, cliff swallows, northern rough-winged swallows (I admit to total ignorance of this one), purple martins, and tree swallows. Swallows are fascinating little critters; read a little more about Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania's chimney swift towers project for but one example.

This week: Poe Paddy? What kind of weird name is that anyway?

Send your answer to me and I'll enter you into the month's random drawing for a goodie from the prize closet if you answer correctly. Enter each week for more chances to win.

In Closing 

(I just hope it gets this warm and green again some time....)
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