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Our Mission: Inspire Stewardship of Pennsylvania's State Parks and Forests
Waiting in the Rain
Twisted Mountain Photography - Goddard State Park
I apologize for the brevity of this week's email. PPFF staff had a wonderful outing this week (more below) but I emerged from it with a gnarly case of poison ivy and my whining is matched only by my brain fog. Better next week! 

Astute readers will note bird life from M.K. Goddard State Park starred in our masthead two weeks in a row now. Jeremy's original photo is much moodier than this snap would lead you to believe. Give it a click and see for yourself. 

Pam Metzger
Membership Coordinator
Pennsylvania Parks & Forests Foundation

News of Note

We did indeed have a perfectly delightful excursion this week when the gals of PPFF met forest therapy guide Michele Burton in Michaux State Forest. Michele was our guest on a lunch and learn back in May and we've been hoping to join her on a walk ever since. It was a grand and relaxing experience!

With today's wrap-up of Parks and Recreation Month, PPFF is launching our camping enhancements campaign. You've been reading about, I am sure (if not actually experiencing yourself) the incredible increase in parks and forests use during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly every campground has been nearly full since they came back online. All of this love is taking its toll on an already stressed system, with little real expectation for increased funding in the months ahead. 

We gathered some very basic needs from many of the parks and forests and have placed the ability to "purchase" some of the needed amenities in our online store. No, we won't be delivering any 4x4s to your home but if you buy one of them (or a fire ring, grill, picnic table, etc.), the money WILL go into a pot for getting these things to the places that need them. Visit either ppff.gives/camping-enhancements to make a purchase or donation or visit our GoFundMe page at charity.gofundme.com/camping-enhancements for more general support of the effort. 

Pictures of the Week

Pay a visit to the Pennsylvania state parks and Department of Conservation & Natural Resources Facebook pages for a little photo fix and we'll be back in business next week. 

Note also that for Parks & Recreation Month the state parks page has been featuring some of the hard-working professionals who you find in the parks and forests when you visit. The salutes are well-deserved!

At Work and Play in the Parks and Forests

I promise. The column will make its return next week. In the meantime, please do visit the PPFF events calendar and DCNR Calendar of Events


Take Five for Trivia

Nearly everyone got last week's question right - in the spirit of "leave no trace principles" it is very definitely NOT okay to burn your trash in your campfire. The parks leave those nice dumpsters at the campground exits for that purpose!

To wrap up July, I give you something I am embarrassed to say that I learned myself while helping to pull together the camping enhancements campaign. What IS this thing you find in many (and hopefully soon MORE) campsites? I admit I thought it had an entirely different purpose than it actually does!

Send your answer to me and I'll enter you into the month's random drawing for a goodie from the prize closet if you answer correctly. Enter each week for more chances to win.

In Closing

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