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Here I am after all. Was not expecting to join you today but we had a few promotional items we wanted to share, so here I am if ever so briefly. And we hope that you are perhaps reading this Friday evening having spent a beautiful day enjoying #OptOutside instead of being indoors playing computer.

Thank you once again to everyone who supported the ExtraGive campaign last Friday. It was an exhausting day as the Lancaster County Community Foundation raised more money ($10.9 MILLION) than they ever have before with this great community wide promotion. That's the good news! The not so good news was that there was so much activity that the website crashed. There were a couple of duplicate donations that had to be refunded and a few people we fear were unable to access the site at all but if you persisted and made a gift to PPFF, you are ExtraDeserving of an ExtraThankYou. Because thanks to you and the $1,000 match from KCI Technologies for the first time in our five years of participation we reached our $10,000 goal!

This week's masthead is a stunner at Canyon Vista at Worlds End State Park during the recent short-lived snowfall. Kyle Fawcett from the Friends shared this to the Friends' Book of Faces. Check out the original.

Pam Metzger
Membership Coordinator

News of Note


As I said, promotions to share this week! Click the pictures to make it happen.

Picture of the Week


This photo from Black Moshannon State Park tells the tale of adventures to come. Reads the accompanying Facebook post:

Don't let the winter weather keep you in the house! Get outdoors and explore!

Once the lake freezes over and it starts snowing, winter loaner equipment will be available to borrow at Black Moshannon State Park. Ever want to try cross country skiing or learn how to snowshoe? Cross country skis, snowshoes, and a limited selection of ice skates are available. Going ice fishing and left something at home? We have ice fishing equipment also.

The equipment is available to borrow for free when the park office is open, conditions allow (4 or more inches of snow and 6 or more inches of ice), and when they are not being used for special events.

A person 18 years and older with a valid driver's license will need to be present to sign them out. Liability waivers will also need to be signed.

In Closing


As we come off The Day devoted to an Attitude of Gratitude, it seems appropriate to share a website I found called A neat idea - you send pictures (or post them to Facebook, Istagram, Twitter, all those places folks do that) every day of something that made you happy. Now a dear friend (Jude the Magic Masseuse) has just been guiding a bunch of us through a 30-day decluttering exercise and the one thing I had confirmed for myself is that I am just NOT good at following a program. I am sporadically committed to things but I have to think that even if I can do every-other-day-out-of-100happydays, I'm doing pretty good.

Let's try!

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