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This week was definitely one of "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." Sunday's walk with Wendy and the dog was accomplished in light jackets and sneakers; by Wednesday it was parkas and four layers of long johns. I'm told this is to be a warm weekend. 


The masthead photo this week comes from Wendy (not walking partner) Feld of the Conservation Island Bridge at Promised Land State Park. One of the chilly days!

Pam Metzger
Membership Coordinator

News of note


Interesting article from the York Daily Record: Pennsylvania hunters encouraged to scrape away spotted lanternfly egg masses. (Note I am sending you to our Facebook page to follow the link as for whatever reason Google has decided that I am in Sweden and it keeps shifting me to the European Union's links for newspapers. Such are the oddities of life.) (But the ensuing discussion about the post added information that you might also find helpful.)

Have you voted yet for River of the Year? Now's your chance.

Did you download your guide to Pennsylvania Happy Places - our thank you in honor of Giving Tuesday? It's available with a click on the homepage of our website. Yes, that little box that says "Giving Tuesday."

The download is by way of saying "thank you" for your support and encouragement throughout the year. Hearing from our readers and friends make sitting in front of the screen all day a little happier (although I am not going to claim that in front of the computer screen is my "happy place," you know).

Thank you also to the folks who participated in our banquet feedback survey. We got a lot of good ideas (and a few planning volunteers - thank you to them). In thanks for the help, we randomly pulled the name of a respondent as the winner of a copy of the Pennsylvania State Parks and State Forests Passport. And that would be neighbor Ann from Camp Hill. Thanks, Ann!

At work and play in the parks and forests


We are still in a bit of a lull as December kicks off in terms of organized events, but have you noticed how the number of First Day Hikes grows each day?


You can always look forward to the Natural Ornaments program at Sinnemahoning each year; and it's time.


Holiday open houses begin with the Friends of Kings Gap (recurring until 12/9) or take place for one day only with the Friends of Greenwood Furnace Saturday.


Home-made ornaments are the order of the day at Lackawanna State Park on Saturday as well.


On Sunday afternoon, learn the secrets of A Day in the Life of a Lighthouse Keeper at Presque Isle.

No matter what region of the commonwealth you want to visit, our website Events and the DCNR Calendar of Events are great sources for things to see and do. Bookmark them!

Picture of the week


Best Picture of the week I've seen in a while. Thanks to Janice Wells Annunziata on the Hiking & Backpacking Pennsylvania Facebook page for this unusual vantage point for wildlife photography.

Take five for trivia


Last week we were talking turkey with the question of which state of the 50 is the only one without a wild turkey population. The sought-after answer is Alaska (see the Cornell Lab of Ornithology listing as the source for the question). Reader Stephanie asked "why?" and I am afraid that's not something I have been able to answer. Everyone from the National Wild Turkey Federation to NBC News to Montana Fish & Wildlife merely repeats the assertion that there are no wild turkeys in Alaska but they don't take the line of inquiry further. So. Any wildlife biologists out there care to weigh in? Too cold?

To bring November to a conclusion, let's stick with the wildlife biology thing. What might that porcupine have been doing up that tree?

All correct answers each week go into the hiking boot for a random drawing at the end of the month for something from the PPFF Prize Closet - be it a bandana, a book, or some other special goodie. Send your answer to my email address and we'll take it from there. One entry per person per week!

In closing

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