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Dear {{Constituent First Name}}:

Summer passed quickly and fall is just around the corner. For many of you, fall continues to be busy with fairs, festivals, and events. If you don’t see your event on the PPFF calendar of events, let us know! While we strive to keep it current, it is challenging to monitor everyone’s social accounts for events.

As always, thank you for what you do!

Yours in the Outdoors,



Marci J. Mowery, President


Conflict is inevitable in any relationship, be it personal or professional. Organizations go through a life cycle, and with it might come some growing pains. Several groups requested training to help smooth these growing pains so we partnered with the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations to bring you a three part training series that can be completed on your own or as a board. Or we can help to facilitate a training in person using the materials if you would like.

The materials can be found in PPFF's Google Drive in a shared folder called "Conflict Resolution Training." 

In the folder is an Introduction and three training modules. The lessons in each of the modules are presented as a video or a pdf and include supporting materials and hypothetical scenarios or discussion questions. Our suggestion would be to open (and print if you have that capability), the supporting materials and questions for ease of reference within the lessons themselves.

Finally, an evaluation form will help provide feedback once you've had a chance to go through the materials. We are very interested to hear your thoughts on the series as this is the first time that we've offered a "DIY" work-at-your-own-pace training module. 


At the first PPFF Friends Committee—where representatives of several friends groups meet with PPFF staff—ideas were floated for some new fact sheets. This lead to a new how-to fact sheet being uploaded to the Friends Resources page - all about hosting a community open house to help your neighbors become acquainted with your park/forest, you, and your work.

Thanks to an inquiry from Maxine Harrison at the Friends of Lyman Run and a thoughtful response from Ann Harting of the Friends of Cook Forest we have also updated the Art in the Park fact sheet. Check them out under Fact Sheets and How-Tos!

We have had several requests for updated Firewood Sales fact sheet. If you have some knowledge or insight that we should add to the existing fact sheet, please let us know—learning from one another’s experiences is beneficial!


As a reminder, if you are hosting a fall or winter event that has a hay ride, PPFF and DCNR both need to be named as additional insureds on the vendor's liability insurance. If the vendor does not have insurance, he or she will not be able to participate in your event. Remember, also, that the state updated hay ride laws that will apply in 2023, including hay rides provided by park or forest staff. We are in conversation with DCNR to make this as seamless as possible. You can read about the hay ride guidance here: Hayride Attractions (pa.gov)


Just a reminder that you are welcome to attend the virtual conference for the National Association of State Park Foundations on October 13 and 14. The conference will feature interesting guest speakers and the chance to interact with your counterparts from all across the country - without going anywhere! Visit the NASPF website for more information and to register. There is no cost to attend.


 We have two new videos that you might find useful in the work that you do.

The first looks at the role forested ecosystems play in the craft beverage industry. It can be viewed here: Forests, Clean Water & Craft Beverages

The second focuses on the role that outdoor recreation plays in the lives of children and youth. It can be viewed here: Outdoor Recreation and Children - A Perfect Match - YouTube


A new member recently joined the Friends of Beltzville through their  PPFF payment portal and in response to their auto email receipt asked me to make sure that the Friends knew she'd joined since she doesn't use Facebook. Chair Diane responded to her with a comprehensive welcome email. It's been added to the Friends Resources page. Thanks, Diane!

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